National Children's Hospital



A college branding project for a new National Children's Hospital and charity to be based on the St James Hospital campus in Dublin city.




Signage and environmental displays


Charity applications


A college branding project for the new nation children’s hospital, to be located on the St. James Hospital campus in Dublin city centre.

The project included the core branding for the hospital itself but also the wider aspects of the institution, with included research and development, community engagement and a charity for family accommodation.

The tone had to reflect both the professional nature of the doctors, nurses and researches who worked in the hospital, while also exhibiting a playful nature suitable for children and teenagers.

I primarily focused on the branding aspects of the hospital and charity, creating an umbrella brand under which both identities would be positioned. 

Originally initiated as a two-week college project, it has been since expanded on as a personal project. 


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